Submission Guidelines

Razor accepts submissions during two reading periods annually.

General submissions are open from October through December, during which we accept fiction, poetry, nonfiction, comix, graphic art, spoken word, you name it. Accepted submissions are published in the following Spring issue of Razor.

The Fiction Open Contest from Razor and the Fiction School podcast accepts entries each year from January through April. The winner and finalists are published in the following Fall Fiction issue of Razor. Click here to learn more about the Fiction Open Contest.


You love Razor. You’ve read the backstory, you know what we’re after, you’re ready to take this relationship to the next level. We publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic narratives, comix, artwork, photography, photographic essays, video essays, slam poetry performances, and hybrid/experimental works from new and established writers and artists.

If we accept your work, we’ll then ask to tell us the story of how it was made. Maybe we’ll call you for an interview. Maybe you can create a photo essay explaining your process.  Maybe you can come up with a cool idea of your own. We share these creative backstories on our Before the Razor series.


All submissions should come through our Submission Manager.

Razor accepts submissions from October 1st until February 10th.

Poetry and prose submissions should use a standard layout and a somewhat normal font. Your words should speak for themselves. It will make us cry at night to receive your submission in Comic Sans. It will make us go blind to read it in 8 point font. These will make us sad. Please don’t make us sad.

For Poetry: Submit up to five poems at a time, all in one document.

For Prose: Submit one work at a time, up to 3,000 words in length.

For Artwork: Submit up to five images or other media at one time.

Include contact information somewhere on your manuscript. This is helpful because we’ll want to tell you we’ve accepted your work. Please include a short cover letter with your submission. If you’ve been published, tell us where; if you haven’t, that’s cool with us.

One more time: All submissions should come through our Submission Manager.

(Submissions received in the mail will be incinerated, a futile flame in the depths of a Minnesota winter.)


  • Simultaneous submissions? Of course, but if your work is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw your submission on the Submission Manager,  or if you want to withdraw a poem but leave the rest in consideration, just let us know.
  • Previously published work? Not accepted, whether that be on your secret blog, self-published, or in other literary journals.
  • Rights? We typically acquire first serial rights for work we publish. All rights revert to the authors/artists after publication.
  • Payment? We aren’t able to pay contributors, but we will do our best to make you Internet famous.

Current students at Gustavus Adolphus College cannot submit to Razor. If you’re interested in publishing, please submit to our campus literary journal, Firethorne.

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