Anton Chekhov, perhaps the second-most famous writer in the world, gave some advice about revising a story:

What happens in those first three pages of mucking around, circling, jiving? How does that stuff turn into art?

Razor wants to publish the story, poem, photo essay, artwork.  Then we also want the backstory: The symptoms that come with vacansopapurosophobia (fear of the blank page), the 2 a.m. vision, the abysmal feeling in the morning when last night’s ideas aren’t as brilliant as they seemed, the epiphany in the shower.

Razor seeks to explore the creative process in all of its painful, joyful, mystifying, staring-out-the-window ways. Razor want to build a community of writers and artists sharing their work and the ways they find it.

We want the finished work of art. Then we also want the story of what happened before Chekhov’s razor.

So let’s make this official.


Razor is a multimedia literary journal founded to publish literature and art, and to investigate the inner workings of the creative process. We’re a publishing lab experimenting in ways we read and share artistic work.

We publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, graphic narratives, comix, artwork, hybrid and experimental work, photography, and visual essays from new and established writers and artists. Once accepted, we invite contributors to reveal the backstory of their work through interviews, essays, photo journals or other methods.

We publish as a multimedia journal featuring digital and audio versions of creative work. Razor seeks to use the digital medium as a way to enhance what a literary journal can be.

Are you in? See our Submission Guidelines.

Photos © Mariah Wika

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